Pennsylvania Notary Public Bonds

Every Pennsylvania Notary Public, upon appointment and prior to entering upon the duties of the office of notary public, shall:

  • Take and subscribe the constitutional oath of office.
  • Give a surety bond, payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the amount of $10,000.00 and record it with the Recorder of Deeds in the proper county.
  • File the approved bond with the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Upon recording the bond with the Recorder of Deeds, the Recorder of Deeds will file the bond with the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Unless the bond as well as the commission and oath of office are recorded within the proper office of the recorder of deeds within the forty-five (45) days of the beginning of the term upon appointment or reappointment, they shall be null and void.

The notary bond guarantees a notary public’s faithful performance of duty. M. BURR KEIM AGENCY will execute your notary bond for only $50 for the four year term of your commission. Your bond will be completed and emailed or mailed to you.


Steps for having your bond executed:


You may also scan your bond form and Notice to Appointee, and email them to our office at [email protected]. You may ask that we contact you by phone for payment information.

IMPORTANT: Your notary bond does not protect you; it protects your customers. When a bonding company pays for a loss on a notary bond it has the legal right to recover the loss from you. Errors and omissions insurance protects you and there is no reimbursement to the insurance company from you, up to the amount of the policy limit. You can protect yourself with coverage of up to $100,000 through M. BURR KEIM AGENCY’S Errors and Omissions Insurance, written through CNA Surety.