Compact Outfits
For Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships

Corporate Share Certificates in PA, DE, NJ, and FL 

One of the biggest components of bringing a new corporation, LLC, or limited partnership to life is determining the structure of your stock options. Allowing your founders, employees, and potentially more investors to have a stake in your success can help open up new opportunities. However, finding a company that can help create your personalized corporate share certificates and help empower you to keep an accurate record is vital. M. Burr Keim Company has helped countless companies and law firms in PA, DE, NJ, and FL ensure they have the supply they need to accommodate their shareholders.

Corporate Bylaws and Minutes

For any new law firm or business, having a way to keep official records of your corporate bylaws and minutes can help ensure you’re abiding by the mission statement of the company that you started with. In addition to corporate share certificates, we offer our clients a way to accurately write down their corporation by-laws and take accurate minute notes of each meeting. We ensure that you have the documentation methods you need to efficiently run your organization and keep correct records for the long term.

We can also help you create the documentation for your limited partnership agreements. For burgeoning corporations, outlining each partner’s exact roles and responsibilities helps protect the company from future litigation. M. Burr Keim Company has helped countless clients draft their limited partnership agreements and ensure they’re protected now and in the future.

Corporate Stock Transfer Ledger

Whether you have plans to give out early stock equity in your company or want to keep track of who receives a share certificate, having a corporate stock transfer ledger you can rely on becomes important. We provide our clients with documentation and record-keeping tools to ensure their records remain clear and concise. Our compact outfit corporate kits come with corporate share certificates, a stock transfer ledger, pre-printed corporate by-laws and minutes, pocket seals, and more to ensure you have the documentation you need for the future.

Corporate Embossing Seal

When you hand out a share certificate, you want to put your official company stamp on the documentation. We provide our clients with an official corporate embossing seal they can use for corporate share certificates and official documents. This gives their organization an air of sophistication and legitimacy they may have previously lacked.

Trust M. Burr Keim Company With Your Compact Outfit Needs

Our team has helped countless law firms, LLCs, limited partnerships, and more ensure they have the necessary documentation for running their business effectively. From share certificates to stock transfer ledgers, corporation by-laws, and embossing seals, we offer our clients the chance to operate on a more official level than ever before. Contact us to start your request for a compact outfit today.

No. 6 Deluxe Ring Compact Outfit

No. 6V Economy Vinyl Outfit

No. 7 Post Compact Outfit

Complete with 15 Printed Share Certificates, Stock & Transfer Ledger Section, Pre-printed By-Laws & Minutes*, Pocket Seal. 

Large capacity Vinyl Ring Binder. 

Corporate name on Gold Insert Tab on spine. 

Vinyl Slip Case.

(Please specify Brown, Black or Green for Ring Binder & Slip Case.)

$85.50 complete
$81.00 without preprinted forms

Same as No. 6 Deluxe Compact Outfit except with Economy Ring Binder and Cardboard Slip Case. 

(Black only). (inset)

$77.00 complete
$72.50 without preprinted forms

Complete with 15 printed Share Certificates, Stock & Transfer Ledger Section, pre-printed By-Laws & Minutes*, Pocket Seal, Maroon Post Minute Book with recessed cut-out on inside of cover for storage of seal and increased capacity for records. 

Corporate name stamped in Gold on spine.

(Available with Round or Rectangular Posts; please specify)

$137.00 complete
$132.50 without preprinted forms

Additional Pocket Seal: When ordering a Complete Corporation Outfit, an additional pocket seal for the same corporation may be purchased for $16.25.