Additional Information

Shipping Charges:
There is a $8.00 shipping and handling charge per order for regular United Parcel Service delivery. If you would like your order shipped by Federal Express or UPS Next Day Air, please call for current rates. 

Close Corporations, Statutory:
Pennsylvania Statutory Close Corporations require a special legend to be imprinted on each share certificate. When ordering certificates or an outfit for a Statutory Close Corporation include an additional $19.75 plus sales tax.

Limited Liability Companies:
Limited Liability Company outfits, seals and certificates of membership interests at same prices as shown for corporation outfits, seals and certificates.

Limited Partnerships: Limited Partnership outfits, seals and certificates at same prices as shown for corporation outfits, seals and certificates.

Nonprofit Corporations:
Add $19.75 plus appropriate sales tax when ordering a corporation outfit with our standard membership certificates instead of share certificates.

Special Certificates:
All outfit prices shown are based on the use of our standard stock certificate for the typical corporation with only one class of stock. An additional charge is made for certificates with special provisions or two or more classes of stock. The charge varies with the length of the legend to be imprinted. Under such circumstances you should send us a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, amended Articles, restriction language or the other special instructions. On your request we will send a price quotation.

Stock Certificates for Publicly Traded Companies:
Stock certificates issued by corporations which are publicly traded require specific information. Transfer agents who handle the transfers for publicly traded companies also require a specific stock certificate format. With our experience we can provide you with certificates that will meet these requirements. Please click here for further information.

Special Minute Books:
Prices of legal size, genuine leather and other types of Minute Books not listed will be quoted upon request.

Ordering Incomplete Outfits:
If a complete outfit is not ordered, individual prices are charged except that $9.00 may be deducted from the price of our regular corporate outfits if the Share Ledger & Transfer Book is omitted. Deduct $4.50 if Minutes are omitted.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax:
All orders shipped from Philadelphia to any address in Pennsylvania are subject to 8% sales tax.

Ordering From New Jersey:
Shipping on orders to New Jersey are subject to 6.625% sales tax. You have the option of remitting 6.625% sales tax with your order or filing a use tax return with the state of New Jersey within 20 days of the date of purchase.

From Delaware and Other States:
When ordering from outside Pennsylvania or New Jersey disregard sales tax.