Corporate Books and Seals

For recently incorporated law firms, having properly branded documentation and seals can help ensure you have the right presentation when meeting with prospective clients, sending out an official summons, and more. Finding a company that specializes in providing these corporate books and seals can help ensure you put your best foot forward and have accurate records for the future. We provide our clients with a range of individual items that help establish themselves as a corporation and present an air of authority.

We  provide our clients with a wide range of corporate books and seals that help with establishing their law firm, keeping track of their meetings, and who has a vested interest in the firm’s success. Our customers can buy the following as single items:

  • Corporation Pocket Seal
  • Standard Stock Certificates
  • Compact Stock Certificates
  • Transfer Book
  • Post Minute Book
  • By-Laws Documents
  • Corporate Embosser
  • And More!


Since our inception in 1931, M. Burr Keim Company has made it our mission to help burgeoning law firms establish themselves as a viable enterprise that can help clients with their legal cases as quickly as possible. Stocking up on your supply of professional documents, record-keeping corporate books, and seals will help your practice in the long run and ensure you’re never caught unawares.

Share Ledger

Whether you’re issuing standard stock certificates or compact stock certificates to your founders or potential investors, you want to have a reliable way of keeping track of who has a vested interest in your firm. We provide you with a share ledger along with a transfer book to give you the ability to keep track of these transactions with ease.

You can buy individual ledgers and transfer books as needed, scaling your firm’s growth and allowing you to bring on more partners and attorneys into the fold. We work with our clients to ensure they have everything they need to keep accurate records on their way to becoming a successful and sustainable legal practice.

Minute Books and Embossers

For new law firms, you need to have reliable ways of taking notes during important meetings with your founders, clients, and attorneys so that nothing falls through the cracks. Having a designated minute taker for each session helps these efforts. Professional corporate books and seals can help with your ongoing efforts.

We offer our clients individual post minute books to help keep track of the goings on during important meetings. Additionally, for those important legal documents that require your official seal, we offer corporate embosser and company pocket seals to help further establish your practice as a trusted law firm.

Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement

When first incorporating your LLC, having the right documentation to show you’re operating at full capacity becomes vital. A limited liability company operating agreement will allow you the flexibility and accountability to set up your daily operations. These documents will enable you to make critical decisions regarding your firm’s financial and functional future.


This document lets you establish clear by-laws, regulations, provisions, and delineation of power as you see fit. This hierarchy allows you to set a clear path forward for yourself and your team and focus on helping your clients.

Choose M. Burr Keim Company for Your Corporate Seals, Certificates, and Minute Book Needs

Ensuring you have the individual documentation, minute books, certificates, and seals you need for your new law firm doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We work with our clients to ensure their supply of corporate books and seals is stocked for their evolving needs. We help new LLCs get off on the right foot and remain capable of accurate record-keeping to set themselves up for success. We also provide our clients with corporate share certificates, full corporate kits, and business formation filing services.

Contact our team to learn more about the individual corporate books and seals we provide, and place your next order today!

By-Laws / Operating Agreements

Description Price Quantity  
No. 0 Desk
(1 5/8" die, up to 45 letters & spaces)
No. 2 Official Long Reach Desk
(1 7/8" die, up to 120 letters & spaces)
No. 1 Pocket
(1 5/8" die, up to 45 letters & spaces)
M1 Pocket
(Better quality press, up to 45 letters and spaces)
No. 2 Pocket
(1 7/8" die, up to 90 letters & spaces)
Stub Attached-Bound in One Book. With company name stamped in Gold on cover.
25 Stock Certificates
50 Stock Certificates
75 Stock Certificates
100 Stock Certificates
25 Standard Membership Certificates for Nonprofit Corporations
Begin Numbering With #:
15 Certificates with stubs punched to fit in Minute Book
Additional Certificates
$0.85 each
Begin Numbering With #:
Prices of special certificates, bonds, etc. quoted on request.
MINUTE BOOKS (Gold Lettering Additional)
Standard Post Minute Book
Double Capacity Post Minute Book
3-Ring Minute Book
Share Ledger & Transfer Book
125-Sheet Post Minute Book Filler
75-Sheet Ring Minute Book Filler
$12.95 first line, $7.50 each additional line on face of book, and $12.95 first line plus $7.50 each additional line on spine of book.
The Form By-Laws & Minutes require only the filling in of a few blank spaces by typewriter. They are constantly revised in order to conform to changes in the corporation laws and will greatly simplify your preparation of the organization records.
By-Laws & Minutes (Pa. new 1988 BCL)
By-Laws & Minutes (New Jersey)
By-Laws & Minutes (Delaware)
Professional Corporations
Annual Minutes (3 sets per package)
Pa. Nonprofit By-Laws with Consents
N.J. Nonprofit By-Laws with Consents
Membership Roll Sheets with A-Z Index
Member or Manager Managed:
Rectangular Post Punch-Heavy Duty Single Hole Punch
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Shipping & Handling:

(UPS Ground)
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Grand Total:

Type of Entity:
Statutory Close Corp:
Corporate or LLC Name:
Year of Incorporation:
Authorized Shares (For Corporations):
and par value, if any:
Certificates to be Signed By (Officer Titles)
Special Instructions:
Zip Code:
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