Corporate Kits in PA, DE, NJ, and FL

Keeping official records of your meetings, stock options, and more may seem like something your law firm can do on its own, but what happens when your recording methods become disorganized? Corporate kits that can help with your official record keeping, like corporate transfer books, official seals, and post minute books, can help transform your fledgling law firm into an entity that your clients and peers can trust. Since 1931, M. Burr Keim Company has helped countless clients form their law firms and ensure you have the documentation you need to run your practice sufficiently.

Since our founding, our operating agreement service has provided a range of corporate kits to law firms, paralegal associations, accountants, and more. We have also provided corporate share certificates, corporation seals, and assistance with business formation filing based on our client’s specific needs.

Corporation Stock Certificates

When starting your law firm, you and any co-founders want to have official documentation of your ownership stakes in the company. Having official corporation stock certificates allows you to showcase how much stake the person has in the company, and you can issue to new shareholders as they come aboard. As part of our corporate kits, we provide you with branded or unbranded certificates as well as a stock transfer book to help you maintain accurate records of who has what level of stake in the company.

Corporate Share Ledger

As your law firm grows and becomes more established, you may bring on more partners or increase the total number of shares. Keeping accurate records of this growth and who has possession of these shares requires official bookkeeping records. Our robust corporate kits are here to help. With a corporate share ledger, you gain the ability to accurately track who gets issued a piece of your law firm’s corporate stock and how much of a stake they possess. You can quickly look up previous transactions and make adjustments as needed.

Law Firm Stock Certificates

Creating a new entity from the ground up represents a significant accomplishment for any lawyer. It’s an entity that showcases the hard work and dedication that went into breathing life into your idea, and you want to have official documentation tracking ownership stakes in your firm. We can help create officially branded law firm stock certificates for you to hand out as needed for your shareholders. Feel proud when you’re handing out these certificates to the necessary parties and embrace your company’s growth into the future.

Trust M. Burr Keim Company With Your Regular Outfit Needs

New law firms can face an uphill battle trying to establish themselves as the best option for potential clients, so having everything they need on the corporate side of things can help them focus on presenting a united front. Whether it’s official post minute books, stock transfer books, or corporate transfer books, you need a comprehensive corporate kit to help keep the most accurate records possible. M. Burr Keim Company has helped countless clients with our operating agreement services and keen attention to detail. Learn more about our corporate kits and place your first order with us today.

No. 1 Post Outfit

No. 2 Ring Outfit

No. 3 Deluxe Post Outfit

Standard Post Minute Book, 25 Printed Stock Certificates, No. 0 Desk Seal or Pocket Seal, Share Ledger & Transfer Book, By-Laws & Minutes*, Gold Lettering on books. 

$164.50 complete
$160.00 without preprinted forms

Like No. 1 Outfit, except Red & Black 3-Ring Minute Book is used in place of Post Minute Book. 

$99.50 complete
$95.00 without preprinted forms

Same as No. 1 Post Outfit except that Outfit contains Double Capacity Post Minute Book, 50 Share Certificates and both a No. 0 and Better Quality Pocket Seal.

$189.50 complete
$185.00 without preprinted forms

No. 4 Post Short Certificate Outfit

No. 5 Ring Short Certificate Outfit

Standard Post Minute Book, 25 Stock Certificates, Pocket Seal, Shareholders’ Ledger Cards & Index.  By-Laws & Minutes* and Gold Lettering. 

$134.50 complete
$130.00 without preprinted forms

Like No. 4 Outfit, except Red & Black 3-Ring Minute Book is used in place of Post Minute Book. 

$94.50 complete
$90.00 without preprinted forms

Additional Pocket Seal: When ordering a Complete Corporation Outfit, an additional pocket seal for the same corporation may be purchased for $16.25.

($2.50 may be deducted if Shareholders’ Ledger Cards are omitted from Outfits No.4 and No.5.)